ECM_Psionic Grounds

Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas Made by Magikus[GdL] Edited by Da)Mier[inor]

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Key Value
Version Starcraft 1.00 (59)
MPQ Hash 25a0b10886b4e6593eca147016a03e1f5b1467bd51bc2a37e9b9e90418c27b83
MPQ Size 57711
CHK Hash e8a2d0d425bd205fb650b5fbfa839c45e2fc2ca0316e21e5dfdc9b062ec33158
CHK Size 155013
Map Dimensions 128x96
Map Tileset Jungle (4 mod 8 = 4)
Human Players 2
Computer Players 0
OWNR Players 660000000000
Doodads 137
Sprites 78
Triggers 3
Briefing Triggers 0
Locations 1
Units 60
Unique Terrain Tiles 2000
Wav Files 0
GetDeaths EUDs 0
GetDeaths EPDs 0
SetDeaths EUDs 0
SetDeaths EPDs 0
EUPs 0


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