Strong Boyz vs Sexy Girlz

We are all guys, so don't ask A/S/L. Boyz are strong, like BC. Girlz are evil, like the zerg. Got it?


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Key Value
Version Starcraft 1.04+ hybrid (63)
MPQ Hash c9ccd3950685261cad10a7ec2858a09c9f133476cc8f11fab0cb67be20fa5178
MPQ Size 47812
CHK Hash 7e64cec012b640e17d172569929e77bcc1475d27d6e509fdded75e1c31b4e4b1
CHK Size 296415
Map Dimensions 128x128
Map Tileset Badlands (0 mod 8 = 0)
Human Players 8
Computer Players 0
OWNR Players 666666660000
Doodads 332
Sprites 0
Triggers 35
Briefing Triggers 4
Locations 28
Units 358
Unique Terrain Tiles 248
Wav Files 0
GetDeaths EUDs 0
GetDeaths EPDs 0
SetDeaths EUDs 0
SetDeaths EPDs 0
EUPs 0
Views 28
Downloads 1


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Boyz vs Girlz 2a.scm Download

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Strong Boy (builder)
Sexy Girl (builder)
Strong Boyz
Sexy Girlz


ID Name
0 Strong Boyz' Marine
1 Strong Boyz' Ghost
2 Strong Boyz' Vulture
3 Strong Boyz' Goliath
5 Strong Boyz' Siege Tank
7 Strong Boyz' SCV
8 Strong Boyz' Wraith
9 Strong Boyz' Science Vessel
11 Strong Boyz' Dropship
12 Strong Boyz' Battlecruiser
13 Strong Boyz' Spider Mine
14 Strong Boyz' Nuclear Missile
30 Strong Boyz' Siege Tank
32 Strong Boyz' Firebat
37 Sexy Girlz' Zergling
38 Sexy Girlz' Hydralisk
39 Sexy Girlz' Ultralisk
40 Sexy Girlz' Broodling
41 Sexy Girlz' Drone
42 Sexy Girlz' Overlord
43 Sexy Girlz' Mutalisk
44 Sexy Girlz' Guardian
45 Sexy Girlz' Queen
46 Sexy Girlz' Defiler
47 Sexy Girlz' Scourge
50 Sexy Girlz' Infest Terran
60 Flying Political Ad
61 Gore's Campaign Leader
62 Bush's Barfer
63 Gore's Persuasiveness
103 Bush's Underground Attackers
106 Strong Boyz' Command Center
107 Strong Boyz' Comsat Station
108 Strong Boyz' Nuclear Silo
109 Strong Boyz' Supply Depot
110 Strong Boyz' Refinery
111 Strong Boyz' Barracks
112 Strong Boyz' Academy
113 Strong Boyz' Factory
114 Strong Boyz' Starport
115 Strong Boyz' Control Tower
116 Strong Boyz' Science Facility
117 Strong Boyz' Covert Ops
122 Strong Boyz' Engineering Bay
123 Strong Boyz' Armory
124 Strong Boyz' Missile Turret
125 Strong Boyz' Bunker
130 Sexy Girlz' Command Center
131 Sexy Girlz' Hachery
132 Sexy Girlz' Liar
133 Sexy Girlz' Hive
134 Sexy Girlz' Nydus Canal
135 Sexy Girlz' Hydralisk Den
136 Sexy Girlz' Defiler Mound
137 Sexy Girlz' Great Spire
138 Sexy Girlz' Queen's Net
139 Sexy Girlz' Evolution Champer
140 Sexy Girlz' Ultralisk Cavern
141 Sexy Girlz' Spire
142 Sexy Girlz' Spawning Pool
143 Sexy Girlz' Creep Colony
144 Sexy Girlz' Spore Colony
146 Sexy Girlz' Sunken Colony
149 Sexy Girlz' Extractor

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