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Destroy all enemy buildings.

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Key Value
Version Broodwar 1.04+ (205)
MPQ Hash ef8f246303d1b2eff05c03aa37fed7f97597f9adc6224b6a493b963e6fdb2a8f
MPQ Size 60796
CHK Hash dfe519de9de913f3e7fe4ca97e007b1a0c085cfdf25816f43ac07c554caf52c1
CHK Size 256901
Map Dimensions 128x128
Map Tileset Installation (2 mod 8 = 2)
Human Players 3
Computer Players 3
OWNR Players 650650650000
Doodads 61
Sprites 18
Triggers 6
Briefing Triggers 3
Locations 1
Units 1594
Unique Terrain Tiles 852
Wav Files 0
GetDeaths EUDs 0
GetDeaths EPDs 0
SetDeaths EUDs 0
SetDeaths EPDs 0
EUPs 0


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Crushing Ghost Relief Force.scx Download

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Crushing Ghost Relief Force
Brood of the Bladed One
Force 3
Force 4


ID Name
1 Crushing Ghost Relief Force
9 Intercepter Vessel Model 3
51 Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades

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